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The Spirit of Space

17-track compilation of all the classics from RELEASE, remastered.

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Founded in 2008, LikeMinded Records is a Los Angeles based drum and bass label and home of original hardcore breakbeat pioneer, RELEASE.

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Nigel Broad (RELEASE)

As one of the original pioneers of the hardcore breakbeat/techno sound that was to eventually evolve into drum and bass, Nigel Broad, aka RELEASE, still creates pounding beats and relentless rhythms for today's discerning drum and bass connoisseur. Original tunes such as 'Dance in Eden', from the early days of the genre, still stand today, especially with the resurgence of that 'old skool' sound. 

Originally signed to the Contagious Records label in the UK during the early 1990's, RELEASE stood out along with other well-known artists of the time as pioneers in the rapidly evolving hardcore breakbeat/techno scene. Consisting of Nigel Broad and DJ Rush Puppie, the duo's first single, 'Dance In Eden', became a classic anthem, played at raves and festivals all over the UK and Europe during the summer of 1992.  

After several remixes by Interface and Sy-Kick, the 'Spirit of Space' EP was released to high acclaim. Another success, this 4 track EP carried the band into 1993. After parting ways with Contagious, the duo hooked up with Deep Seven Records to release their final single together - 'The Jungle' c/w 'Musical Movements', in late 1993. 

Nigel continued to release new music under the guise of Aeon Flux, amongst others. After many years pursuing a career writing music for TV and Film, Nigel decided it was time to get back to his DnB roots, and revive RELEASE with brand new tracks. Check out the RELEASE discography at discogs:

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